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Check out the music videos put together by one of our own Xenaversity Members, Matt & Various Other XOMbies!!
Creation has shown several of these at the Xena/Hercules Conventions.
The highlighted links show you where you can download the video!!

Xena Music Video List

Season One (December 1997-June 1998) 33 Videos

Title Artist Subject Creator
“In the Air Tonight” Phil Collins Xena’s Redemption Matt
“Wannabe” Spice Girls Gabrielle Amiee
“All I Really Want” Alanis Morisette Xena’s Struggle Amiee
“Who Do You Think You Are?” Spice Girls Joxer the Mighty Amiee
“Building a Mystery” Sarah McLachlan Xena’s Quest Matt
“I Still Haven’t Found What …” U2 Xena’s Past Matt
“Come to My Window” Melissa Etheridge Subtext Matt
“One” U2 Subtext Matt
“Sunday, Bloody Sunday” U2 Ares Matt
“Barbie Girl” Aqua Aphrodite Amiee/Matt
“Bitch” Meredith Brooks Callisto Matt
“Tubthumper” Chumbawumba Iolaus Amiee
“I’m Just a Girl” No Doubt Xena and Gabrielle Amiee
“Mysterious Ways” U2 Xena Matt
“Mysterious Ways: 2” U2 Xena Matt
“Young and Proud” Ace of Bass Greek Mythology Amiee
“You Gotta Be” Des’ree Hercules Amiee
“Sunday, Bloody Sunday: 2” U2 Ares Matt
“My Heart Will Go On” Celine Dion The Rift Matt
“Wannabe: 2” Spice Girls Gabrielle Amiee
“Discotheque” U2 Dancing Matt
“Cold Hearted” Paula Abdul Ares Matt
“In the Air Tonight: 2” Phil Collins Xena’s Redemption Matt
“All I Really Want: 2” Alanis Morisette Xena’s Struggle Matt
“Who Do You Think You Are: 2” Spice Girls Joxer Matt
“Building a Mystery: 2” Sarah McLachlan Xena’s Quest Matt
“The Mummer’s Dance” Lorenna McKinnet Xena’s World Matt
"Desire" U2 Autolycus Matt
"Bitch 2" Meredith Brooks Callisto Matt
"I'm Too Sexy" Right Said Fred Sex Appeal Matt
"Sweet Dreams" Eurythmics Heroism Matt
"Frozen" Madonna Conclusion Matt
"Barbie Girl 2" Aqua Aphrodite Matt


Season Two (August 1998-September 1998) 7 Videos

Title Artist Subject Creator

“With or Without You”

U2 Xena’s Loves Matt

“Even Better Than the Real Thing”

U2 Xena’s Skills Matt


Sarah McLachlan The End Matt

“Ray of Light”

Madonna Xena and Gabrielle Amiee/Matt


Meredith Brooks Xena Amiee/Matt

“Until the End of the World”

U2 Xena’s Struggles Matt

“Lady Marmalade”

All Saints A Day in the Life Amiee


Season Three (October 1998-June 1999) 14 Videos


U2 Accepting Loss Matt

“I Still Haven’t Found What…2”

U2 Xena’s Personal Demons Matt


Natalie Imbruglia Divided Loyalties Matt

“Who Will Save Your Soul”

Jewel Finding Good Matt

“Watched You Fall”

Meredith Brooks Gabrielle’s Death Matt
"Just a Girl 2" No Doubt Xena and Gabrielle Amiee/Matt

“Discotheque 2”

U2 Dancing Matt

“Dirty Day”

U2 Overcoming Adversity Matt
"Discotheque 3" U2 Dancing Matt
"Lotus" REM Travels in India Matt
“Push It” Garbage Subtext in Action Matt
“The Look” Roxette Ephiny Matt
“Control” Traci Lords Alti Matt
"Holding Out for a Hero" Bonnie Tyler Super Hero Crossover Matt

Season Four (September 1999 - Current) 17 Videos

Title Artist Subject Creator
"Where There's Smoke ... " Lojo Russo & Funks Grove Xena's Duality Matt
"Stupid Girl" Garbage The Unmentionables Matt & Theresa
"Barbie Girl 3" Aqua The Goddess of Love Matt
"Ready To Go" Republica Super Hero Crossover: The Sequel Matt
"Believe" Cher Xena & Gabrielle's Loves Lost Matt
"Wannabe 3" Spice Girls Gabrielle Matt
"Bitch 3" Meredith Brooks The Warrior Queen Matt
"Missionary Man" Eurythmics Eli the Prophet Matt
"Angels" Robbie Williams Resurrection of Xena & Gabrielle Matt
"Justified & Ancient" The KLF The Xenaverse Matt

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme"

Nerf Herder New Title Sequence Matt
"I Wanna Be a Cowboy" Boys Don’t Cry Joxer and Gabby Matt & Dayna
"Control 2" Traci Lords Alti: The Destroyer of Nations Matt
"My Love is Your Love" Whitney Houston Fourth Season Retrospective Matt & Todd-Allen
"Tell It Like It Is" P. Parrish Guys and Gals of Xena and Herc Matt
"Beautiful People" Marilyn Manson Demons and Darkness Matt
"Soldier of Love" Donny Osmond Cupid The God of Love Matt & Mr. Jamester
"The Tide is High" Blondie Salute to Minya Matt and Mr. Jamester and Todd-Allen
"Kind and Generous"   Natalie Merchant Tribute to Xena's Mentors (Lao Ma/M'Lila) Matt
"We Belong"   Pat Benetar Xena and Gabrielle (Subtext) Theresa and Matt
"Save Tonight"   Eagle Eye Cherry Salute to Pompey and Palemon Matt and Todd-Allen
"Reach"  Gloria Estefan Gabrielle's Journey to Warrior Todd-Allen and Matt
"The Sign" Ace of Bass Tribute for Najara Matt
"Hands"  Jewel Close look at  Gabrielle's Choices, Post Rift Matt
"I'm Every Woman"  Whitney Houston  The Women of the Xenaverse Todd-Allen and Matt
"Sexual (li da di)   Amber Xena and Gabrielle (Subtext) Matt
"Possession 2"  Sarah McLachlan  Xena and Gabrielle Matt
"(Man I Feel) Like A Woman" Shania Twain  Tribute to Amazon Warriors Matt & Elena
"Down By The Water"  P.J. Harvey Hope, The Daughter of Darkness Matt
"Sisters are Doing it for Themselves" Lucy Lawless  Wonder Woman Matt, 
"Baby, I'm Your Man" Wham The Men of the Xenaverse Todd
"Possession 2" Sarah McLachlan The Rift Matt


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